World Chef Championship (WCC) is a world-class competition in Malaysia, it is divided into several main categories including pastry, cold display, Chinese dim sun, traditional Malay kuih, hot cooking and nine other main categories.

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Acting as a cultural bridge, linking Kedah to the world, and most importantly, promoting the largely unknown cultures of Kedah in the global arena. Building a platform to help chef around the world share experiences and provide valuable feedback to each other.


Improving and promoting pastry, culinary arts industry and F&B service, competitors are provided with a unique opportunity to learn from other top chefs with distinct cultural background, sparking meaningful conversations and skills sharing between them.

Government Supports for WCC Malaysia 2019



I am here today to represent Vesta International Culinary Group, an originally Kedah-based culinary company that happens to come across an ambitious idea of holding an international culinary competition. This was once a dream of mine, and today, it is a dream realized by all of us here!

So, once again, ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to the 1st World Chef Championship of Kedah, Malaysia! Let us give a round of applause to everyone who makes this event a successful one! I would like to thank Chef Michael Ooi, the organizing chairman of WCC for your support and passion. Without your generosity and guidance, I would not be standing here today, speaking to some of the most talented people in the world. And to my dear chefs, thank you for showing up today, thank you for representing who you are by showing us your world – your dishes.

As you all know, Kedah is Malaysia’s ‘rice bowl’. We produce the nation’s staple food, and most importantly, we offer some of the most diverse and vibrant food culture in the world. The traditional delicacies and modern fusions, represented by Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine, and also a combination of the three of them, had brought Kedah to higher level. As a Malaysian, I have great admiration for food, and people who poured in efforts in bringing them to our taste bud. This is what makes food alive. This is what makes our soul refreshed every single day. And this is what makes our world a wonderful place to live in – Our appreciation for food. And most importantly, this is what brings us together, my dear friends.

In the coming 3 days, you will encounter a diverse range of competitions and cuisines – traditional Malay cuisines, authentic Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisines…and also a wide variety of categories that could definitely serve the needs of every chef coming from all walks of life. We have tempting vegetarian cuisines, deserts as delicate as wedding cakes, the popular coffee art and also competition specially designed for senior citizens. You name it, we got it!

With over 81 categories to offer, this is unprecedented in Malaysia, and is unmatched by any other culinary competitions in the world. The diversity we represent not only serves to attract chefs from around the world, but also delivers an important message – We appreciate the diversity of food and we respect your talent, your culture and your hidden message in the food you serve.

Without further ado, I wish to announce the commencemen